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Sat 21st Nov - week 1 - WELCOME BACK!!!

News - 2020/2021

Yes yes welcome back to all our fabulous WLAC families for season 2020/21,

What a winter, hopefully everyone is bursting with energy to start aths and set some PB's early.

Well the weather is looking great for Week 1 this Saturday, please see the program attached. The Committee having been working hard to make
sure everything is ready for a big season.

I have attached the Waverley COVIDsafe Centre rules poster  This is based on the LAVic COVID protocols document, accessible on their website.

I have attached information for the Age Group Leaders, which will also be printed out and put in the age group folders, and also information
for how each event will be run, COVIDsafe. These sheets will be printed out and laminated to be put in the COLES baskets containing sanitizer and wipes at each field event.

Everyone will also need to sign in using a QR code to access online form. The QR code will be available near the car park. People can sign in manually if needed.

We will need some people to help next Friday 27th Nov in the morning, to move high jump mats into the pavilion, so the high jump shed can be modified. Please let our fantastic secretary, Katy Smith know if you are available.

The Yellow Brick Road coffee van is back for another year, which is fantastic for the club to have such a fantastic sponsor, so please make sure you grab a cup on Saturday morning.

A big change with the COVID rules are no spectators are allowed, no dogs are allowed and all parents in attendance must volunteer for one duty for the whole morning. Being a volunteer club we rely on parental help to make sure the meetings run smoothly.  the parent duty roster link is as follows: http://roster.waverleylac.com.au/Duty/SignUp/284eb88d-123f-4565-a91c-ec6dc1c1eb70

If everyone can also please read the following link on the web page would be greatly appreciated: https://www.waverleylac.com.au/show-article?pk=2648

If people can arrive to help set up from 8am on Saturday would be greatly appreciated. Also please note that the Emerson St entrance will be closed for access to the arena. Please sanitise your hands before touching anything - lots of sanitiser will be available. Also preferably sunscreen beforehand at home. Bring hats and a little bag to carry around drink bottles as we can't use the age group trolleys because of COVIDsafe rules.

I think that is all for now, so we will see some setup volunteers from 8am (everyone is on deck this week to help setup before I start nominating age groups from next week!!! So please be generous and help out), and then we will see everyone else from 8:30 for a hopeful start time of 9am.



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