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News - 2020/2021

Dear AGLs of the past, present and future!!,

Caitlin Brusco signing in for a new season of Aths, wearing a few hats; Centre Mentor, COVID Officer, Child Sare Officer and SS Mum!
So you know where I am each week, I have a BRIGHT PINK Vest with a on the back!!  My 3 fellow COVD Marshalls will also be wearing a pink vest (minus the C) and we are looking for one more volunteer for this role.

It was great to catch up with so many of you yesterday at the Clubrooms for Trophy Pick Up and AGL Covid News.

If you were unable to make it, please let me know by REPLY Email if you would like to be an AGL for Season 20/21 or if you have expertise or interest in a particular Field Event instead so you can pass on your knowledge and teach athletes the necessary skills.

If you have more than one child participating, please indicate which Age Group you wish to lead. At least for the first two weeks of Competition, we need to run groups with no greater than 10 Athletes due to current COVID Regulations for Outdoor Sports. This will mean splitting the larger Age Groups into two or three smaller groups.

We are hopeful that group size will go back to the normal combination in December. This regulation has required us to gather more enthusiastic AGLs, who will start the season with the smaller group, but then remain with your AGL when this regulation is lifted for outdoor kids' sports. We are programming the first two weeks to be shorter so that we can trial our new procedures and protocols to maximise parent involvement, run a valuable program of events and keep everyone COVID safe.

At each Field Event there are specific rules about the handling of equipment and social distancing. For example, the Parents who select a Field Duty (ie: raker, measurer, collector of equipment etc) will start the season remaining at that Field Event in that chosen or allocated Role for the duration of the Day's Program. 

The current COVID Regulations stipulate we cannot of any spectators at this stage of the season, therefore, as a sport which runs based on the goodwill of parent volunteers/past athletes, and requires a parent/guardian to be at Central Reserve Track for your child's wellbeing, ALL adults present MUST be fulfilling a DUTY ROLE. Katy will be uploading the Online Sign In for Duties for you to complete if you have not indicated to me that you wish to be an AGL or Key Official.  

As you would know, we cannot run the program without Key Officials (Starters, Expert Event Coaches, IT Operators/Recording Tent, First Aid, Early Set Up Crew, Timers for Long Distance Events etc) This year we add to that list COVID Marshalls, who will move around events making sure that the WLAC COVID Rules are being followed. Ideally, we would also like an adult at each Field Event whose role it will be to wipe or spray equipment with sanitiser after each athletes' turn. Even with Long Jump and Triple Jump, athletes need to be told to clean their hands of sand after each jump. Sanitiser can be offered to them as they walk back to their athletes' line for their next jump. If you would like this role at an event, please email me details.

Therefore, you may choose this season to volunteer for a permanent weekly or fortnightly rotational duty with another parent or your spouse, so you are familiar with the requirements of your duty. ie: Andrew P has nominated to be a Sand Pit Raker for the season. Subsequently, at that Pit, he will be the only adult handling the rake. Other parent volunteers such as Louise and Glen C will swap each week in their role as an AGL for Under 10s.)

Those AGLs who attended yesterday have been provided their AGL Orange Vest (except a few which i have now purchased for distribution next Saturday) Badges will be given out then for AGLs, and the badge and vest will be the responsibility of the AGL for the season to take home and wash/air each week. If you are job-sharing the role with another parent, please negotiate how you will wash/hand over the vest for the next week's use. 

Until Mask Regulations change, all people aged over 12 years MUST wear a mask, unless actually competing in an event. Whilst waiting for their event, the mask MUST be worn properly, unless drinking or eating. Please remind athletes of this in the SS group.  Athletes must carry their own drink, but snacks can be left at the signed area for the age group to meet (no tarps available for use yet!) 

With pack upall equipment must be wiped or sprayed ready for the next week. Bryan will advise his fabulous team of this next week. Although we want fewer people handling equipment, we still desperately require a SET UP CREW and PACK UP CREW to run the varied programs we do.  As AGLs, please check the EVENT Program Reverse Side of your Program Sheet to see if your AGL is the last group on that event that day. If the AG is, please have the adults who have been handling the equipment return it to the Shed at the conclusion of your group's event. This will make the job easier and quicker at the end of the day and fewer people will have handled equipment. Bryan or another committtee member will be there to advise where the equipment is to be staked/hung in the shed. 

Our QR Code for signing in each week will be operational. We ask that ALL families enter via Springvale Road/Waverley Road so that you can come by the Sign In Table upon arrival. AGLs and Key Officials will sign in with me so we can keep records of the great contribution you make to the club.

Our Committee members have put great thought into how we adapt to provide this weekly sport and social interaction for our children. We would love things to run like clockwork, but are sensible enough to know we may need to make adjustments as the season progresses. Please do speak to a Committee Member if you have any concerns.

ALL parents in an AGL or Key Official Role must have a current Working with Children's Check Card. Please show this to me so it can be recorded as sighted. These are available FREE for Volunteers and are completed ONLINE. You then go to the Post Office for a Photograph. If you have VIT Registration as a Teacher, please show me your new Card. Adults who have a Card for their Work (ie: Childcare etc) can present that to me. We are a Child Safe Organisation, who put the wellbeing and health or our young people first at all times. With this said, Katy and myself will regularly provide reminders about our role in this regard and can answer any queries you may have. 

If your organisation has asked you to get a Working with Children Check, or you've used our interactive tool and determined that you need a Check, you can apply in just four steps.. Before you begin, it's important to know that your application must be true and correct, so make sure that all dates, names and details are accurate on your application form.


Under 6 AGL - no volunteer parents/past athletes  - Potentially we may need 6 volunteers
Under 7 AGL - 7 volunteers
Under 8 AGL - no volunteer parents/past athletes - Potentially we may need 6 volunteers
Under 9 AGL - 2 volunteers - 4 more needed
Under 10 AGL - 4 volunteers - 2 more needed
Under 11 AGL - 4 volunteers - 2 more required
Under 12 AGL - 2 volunteers - 4 more required
Southern Stars - (U13 - U16 inclusive) - 4 volunteers

If you have experience in a highlighted AG or a Child entering this group, please consider volunteering.
If you can recommend another person for a role, please forward this email onto them

Awaiting your Reply Emails,

KInd regards, Caitlin  ðŸ™‚

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