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Club/Team History

Waverley Little Athletics Centre Inc. was formed on the 12th November 1968. 

The Centre structure was originally made up of several affiliated Clubs, most attached to the local schools in the Waverley area. Athletes paid a small one off registration fee that was paid upfront upon registration, with an additional 10 cent fee paid per athlete per attendance. 

Clubs had their own Committees, made up of a President, Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar, Team Manager and Committee Members. It was up to individual Club Team Managers to organise their Clubs athletes and supply officials on a weekly basis. Failure to do so would result in penalty points or a levy/fee. Clubs used to marshal in groups around the hill closest to the South Football Oval. 

The original Waverley Centre uniform, that was worn at meets outside the Centre, was a blue t-shirt with the number 34 imprinted in white. 

Original Clubs that made up the Waverley Centre were:

At the Formation Meeting, there was mention of approximately 16 Clubs that would make up the Centre, however those additional clubs were not formed. The Panthers Club was made up of several smaller schools that could not establish a Club of their own. 

During the 1972/73 season, Syndal South Club becomes the Syndal South/Bayview Club. The Club colours were as follows:

Essex Heights Royal Blue with Gold Hoops
Glen Heights Brown
Glen Waverley Orange
Holy Family Purple
Mt. Waverley Maroon
Panthers Red
St. Christophers Sky Blue
St. Leonards Gold
Syndal Navy Blue
Syndal North Emerald Green
Syndal South/Bayview Light Green
Waverley North White with Red W.N

In 1975/76, the Syndal South/Bayview club becomes Notting Hill Club with a Blue and White Club uniform. 

In 1977/78, the St. Christophers Club becomes the first Club to fold. It is unknown which Club their athletes merged with.

In 1980/81, the Syndal North and Waverley North Clubs merge, becoming the Syndal/Waverley North Club.

In 1983/84, the Essex Heights Club folds and merges with the Mount Waverley Club.

In 1986/87, the Syndal Club folds and it is assumed that their athletes merge with the Syndal/Waverley North Club.

In 1988/89, the Club structure was abolished by the Centre Executive which only passed by one vote. Centre President Len Crossley led the revolutionary restructure, which was a significant change at the time. The change was recognised by the LAVic Board and eventually adopted by other Centres. The Centre then comprised of 4 teams, based on the local areas within Waverley, in which athletes could choose to be part of. The teams were:

When Doug Kerr took over as Centre President at an Extraordinary General Meeting in 1993, he restructured the Centre Committee and made some significant changes to the out-dated Centre, to ensure the survival of Waverley. One of these changes was restructuring the Centre teams, giving them a fresh new look. The team names were based on the names on popular animals/colours rather than local areas. Southern Stars was also introduced for athletes in the U13-U15 age groups.

They became:

Old Team Name New Team Name Colour
Glen Waverley Tigers Yellow
Notting Hill/Syndal Jaguars White
Panthers Panthers Red
Mt. Waverley Leopards Light Blue
  Southern Stars Red/White/Black

The 2008/09 Committee abolished the Team structure, based on a paper presented by Lindsay Harrison, due to an uneven balance between the teams and the extra administrative workload involved. Since then, the Centre has been run without any associated team structure, with all athletes participating in the Red, White and Black Waverley uniform. 

Only a small number of Clubs associated with the Waverley Centre survived from 1968 until 1988. Some folded, some merged, but the larger and stronger Clubs remained viable throughout the 20 years of their existence. Panthers was the only original Club name that remained a Team name until Teams were abolished in 2008/09.

Below is a list of Club Presidents (from 1968/88) and a list of Team Managers (from 1988/08), which is a work in progress.

If you have any information, please contact Dylan Cooper - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Club Presidents

Season Essex Heights Glen Heights Glen Waverley Holy Family Mt. Waverley Notting Hill Panthers St. Christophers St. Leonards Syndal Syndal North Syndal South Syndal South/Bayview Syndal/Waverley North Waverley North
1968/69       Frank Nugent* Terry Humphris? -     John Harrick       - -  
1969/70           -     John Harrick        - -  
1970/71           -     John Harrick        - -  
1971/72           -     John Harrick        - -  
1972/73     Don Saltmarsh     -     John Harrick      -   -  
1973/74           -     John Harrick      -   -  
1974/75           -     Norm Stone      -   -  
1975/76                       - - -  
1976/77                       - - -  
1977/78               -       - - -  
1978/79               -       - - -  
1979/80               -       - - -  
1980/81               -     - - -   -
1981/82               -     - - -   -
1982/83               -     - - -   -
1983/84 -             -     - - -   -
1984/85 -             -     - - -   -
1985/86 -             -     - - -   -
1986/87 -             -   - - - -   -
1987/88 - John Benn Greg Hoath Bernard Mulholland Gavin Faichney Russell Weber Peter McNair - Peter Ryan - - - - Mark Baxter -

Team Managers (1988/1993)

Season Glen Waverley Notting Hill/Syndal Panthers Mt. Waverley
1990/91 Allan Clark Mark Baxter Bob Band Ignatius Calderone
1991/92 Allan Clark Mark Baxter Bob Band Ignatius Calderone
1992/93 Lesley Kerr Mark Baxter Bob Band Marcus Bromley

Team Managers (1993/2007)

Season Tigers Jaguars Panthers Leopards Southern Stars
1993/94 Gus McLennan Mark Baxter Ron Dempsey Ignatius Calderone Nil
1994/95 Gus McLennan Rob James Ron Dempsey Bill White Mark Baxter
1995/96 Jeff Locke Rob James Ron Dempsey Lyn White/Bill White/Peter May Mark Baxter
1996/97 Jeff Locke Rob James Ron Dempsey Jane May/Jenny Stannard Mark Baxter
1997/98 Ian Hassett/Heather Hassett Rob James Ron Dempsey/Jan Dempsey Jenny Stannard Mark Baxter
1998/99 Ian Hassett/Heather Hassett Rob James Lynda Crane/Steve Crane Bruce Lyon Dianne Linskens
1999/00 Ian Hassett/Heather Hassett Rob James Lynda Crane/Steve Crane Bruce Lyon Vacant
2000/01 Heather Hassett Rob James Steve Crane Bruce Lyon Peter Sexton
2001/02 Heather Hassett Jenny Playsted Steve Crane Bruce Lyon Ed Chinery
2002/03 Mary Banks/Neil Banks Jenny Playsted Steve Crane/Lynda Crane Jane Cowan John Nielsen
2003/04 Mary Banks/Neil Banks Clare Keating Steve Crane Nicole Lopes John Nielsen
2004/05 Mary Banks Clare Keating/Kate Perry Matt Sturgess Darren Hollingworth/Michelle Hollingworth Margaret Franzone/Matt Smith
2005/06 Jenny Dennett Josephine Jones Matt Sturgess Michelle Hollingworth Margaret Franzone
2006/07 Debbie Ventura Josephine Jones Fiona Sturgess* Judy Hogan Margaret Franzone

Administration Managers (2007/08)

Season Name Name
2007/08 Debbie Ventura Judy Hogan


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