Waverley Little Athletics Centre Inc.

Family, Fun and Fitness since 12 November 1968
Victoria's Premier Grass Track

Committee Info

WAVERLEY LITTLE ATHLETICS CENTRE is a dynamic, fun, community based, volunteer run, non profit organisation providing children of all abilities an opportunity to participate in athletic events.
This is true of all Little Athletics Centres.
We have been around for over 50 years (est. 1968), and will we last another 50 more?

Our volunteers are all passionate about athletics, a number being past athletes themselves, and want to give back to the sport they love and enjoy being part of.

Our Waverley Little Athletics Centre community requires all families to help out in one way or another, at least 50 people are required to run our program each week.

The centre cannot exist without a functioning committee, overseeing the running of centre, making sure everyone feels safe while doing athletic events,
covering governance and compliance requirements, growing and enhancing our centre.

Click on Committee Info Handout for more info and on Contacts to see our current committee members.

Click on Committee Nomination Form to nominate for a committee position for our upcoming AGM, 10.30 am, Sat 16th March 2024, after our fun athletics program.



President: oversee the Committee & Centre, run committee meetings

Vice-President: support President

Secretary: prepare committee meeting paperwork, oversee correspondence 

Treasurer: bank cash, pay invoices, maintain financial details

Registrar: help with athlete registrations, print out patches



Competition/Arena Manager: oversee athletics program and running of the events each week

Officials Manager/Centre Mentor: coordinate and mentor Age Group Leaders and other Officials

Equipment Manager: look after equipment, purchase new equipment or organise repairs

Results Manager: print out recording sheets and input results each week

Coaching Manager: coordinate coaching program and liase with coaches

IT Manager: oversee website, computer equipment, timing equipment

Publicity Manager: prepare flyers, promote our centre, update our social media

Child Safety Officers (x2): update WWCC list and maintain a Child Safe Organisation

Member Protection Information Officer

General Committee: help out when required, learn how our centre operates



Canteen & BBQue Managers: purchase stock, run canteen, cook BBQue

Uniform/Merchandising Manager: order and sell uniform tops, maintain stock

Team Managers for Region/State events: promote and coordinate athletes and families for these events

Centre Relay Coordinator: oversee centre relay program and liase with relay team managers and coaches

Cross Country Coordinator: liase with KnoxLAC to join in their cross country program, encourage participation in region/state cross country events

Parent Duty Roster Coordinator: keep track of families doing parent duties and maintain online parent duty roster

Line Marker: maintain start lines, finish lines, hurdle marks, relay boxes only (Council maintains main track lines)

Age Group Leaders

Event Managers: help athletes and Age Group Leaders at a field event


Track Timing Officials

First Aid


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