Waverley Little Athletics Centre Inc.

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Policies, Guidelines and Agreements

These are the Policies, Guidelines and Agreements for the Centre. They are reviewed regularly to ensure that they remain relevant.

Please also look on LAVic's website for their policies, which can form the basis for our policies: https://lavic.com.au/about-us/governance/policies/

Last Updated: 19/09/2021 09:11:46


Centre Records Policy (Updated 07/09/2016)
Centre Rules (Updated 19/09/2021)
Coaching Policy (Updated 07/09/2016)
Constitution for WLAC 2014 (Updated 20/01/2017)
Emergency Management Plan (Updated 13/11/2020)
Extreme Weather Policy (Updated 03/03/2020)
First Aid Policy (Updated 26/02/2017)
LAVic Codes of Conduct (Updated 19/09/2021)
LAVic Heat Hydration Guidelines 2014 (Updated 19/07/2014)
Life Membership Policy (Updated 08/02/2016)
Parents Charter (Updated 16/08/2019)
Recording and Photography Policy (Updated 14/10/2015)
Registration Policy (Updated 22/08/2019)
Relay Policy (Updated 16/08/2018)