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News - 2020/2021

Are you excited for summer?
Are you ready for further restrictions to ease? 
Are you keen to get your kids back into sport?? 
Well, after a long and anxious wait, Covid19 and two Lockdowns, REGISTRATIONS ARE NOW OPEN for the 2020/21 season!!

The Waverley Little Athletics Centre Inc. summer season will commence on Saturday 21st November 2020!!! 

This is very exciting news, we thank the Victorian People and we can't wait to get back to the track for running, jumping and throwing. 
Registration fees have been set at a record low of $120 per athlete, in an effort to assist our community and provide some financial assistance to our families, which covers the shortened summer season and winter cross country season. 
We are relying on our retention rate this season to boost our numbers, so we invite all past athletes to re-join WLAC. Please share this flyer with your family and friends and encourage them to join WLAC as new members. 
New Members - Click Here to register online!
Returning Members - Click Here to re-register using the member login portal!
Other important items!
The WLAC Committee has been working hard over several weeks to prepare for the start of this season, with new Covid Safe Rules that we must adhere to. A brief summary will be listed below. 
WLAC Committee plan to hold a meet & greet and trophy collection on Saturday 14th November, from 10am-12pm, in an effort for families to pick up their 2019/20 trophies, discuss Covid Safety Rules and learn about what is required for the season ahead. Covid Safe Rules will apply, so families will be allocated small time slots to attend. Preferably only one parent to come to pick up trophies for the family. For families who can't make it on Sat 14th Nov, alternative arrangements can be made after this date (not before). Further details will be sent next week. There will also be an opportunity to purchase uniform tops for the season.
Further calendar dates will be available on our website in the coming days. It will be a jam packed program full of changes and lots of fun!! 
Training will commence soon, once Covid Safe Plan has been adopted. 
Some of our Covid Safe Rules:
  1. Caitlin Brusco is the WLAC Covid Safety Officer for 2020/21. 
  2. WLAC must adopt and adhere to a Covid Safety Plan which is currently being drafted. 
  3. We will need approx. 4-6 parents to volunteer as Covid Marshals to assist our Covid Safety Officer and Committee Members. 
  4. All attendees must sign in prior to entry at Central Reserve, as per Covid Safe rules. Failure to do so will result in refusal of entry. More information on this will be available on our website in due course. 
  5. All equipment must be cleaned and sanitised prior to and after each use. 
  6. Parents will be required to sign in for an all morning duty, in an effort to minimise the spread and use of equipment by different people throughout the day. 
  7. There will be a "no spectator" policy - so all attendees must perform a duty. 
  8. The clubroom will be off limits for general use, only available for toilet access by members. 
  9. Age Groups will be split into smaller groups as per Covid Safe Rules - groups will be split randomly but age groups will not be "mixed age". 
  10. Programs will be modified to suit the age group splits and will allow sufficient time for athletes to complete their events. 
  11. All registrations must be completed online as per normal season, however we can not allow use of centre laptops this season - so you must register from home or via your smartphones. 
If there are any other Covid Safe Rules and requirements that I have not listed above, they will be listed on our website and our noticeboards: https://www.waverleylac.com.au/wlaccovidstatement
Finally, we are looking for volunteers to take on several roles this season that need filling:
  1. Clubroom cleaner. This is a normal requirement of any sport club and is a paid position. Ideally someone that is available to clean the clubrooms on a Friday afternoon or Saturday morning and possibly mid-week due to Covid Safe Rules. Seeking anyone interested in this role, please email the President. 
  2. Line Marker - after several years of marking the lines at the track, I would like someone else to learn and take over this task. Monash Council marks the main lines on the track every two weeks, WLAC is responsible for marking our horizontal start/finish line, hurdle marks and relay change boxes. This is a great job and provides some serenity for a few hours a week! 
  3. We are looking for volunteers to fill some of our Vacant Committee Positions:
    • Publicity Manager
    • Results Manager
    • General Committee Members (to assist with general duties)
  4. Age Group Leaders, Starters and Covid Safe Marshals and Event Managers. 
We hope to see as many of our WLAC members back at the track in the coming weeks. 
We ask for your patience during the first few weeks with many changes implemented and restrictions on use of our clubrooms, laptops etc. 
If you have any general enquires, feel free to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
If you have any registration enquires, feel free to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
On behalf of the Waverley Committee,

Kind Regards,

Dylan Cooper
President and Life Member
Waverley Little Athletics Centre Inc.

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