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Katy Smith

Katy Smith is the Secretary and Life Member of the Waverley Little Athletics Centre Inc. She has been involved at the Centre for 8 years, has been a member of the Committee for 5 years and is the equal longest serving Secretary along with Life Member Anne Rennie (5 years).

Katy’s involvement began in the 2012/13 when her two eldest children joined the Centre. Katy (and Peter) helped as General Officials on a weekly rotational basis at different events, while looking after her youngest child who could not participate yet.

At the AGM in 2015, Katy decided it was time to step up and join the Committee. Katy nominated herself from the floor for Secretary, a position that no one seemed to want to fill and a position that the Centre had trouble keeping filled from year to year. Katy undertook the responsibilities of Secretary with ease; organising Committee meetings, agendas and minutes, correspondence, LAVic affiliation paperwork, incorporation paperwork, summer tenancy with City of Monash and attending to all incoming enquiries. Katy’s first year on the Committee was invaluable, ensuring the Centre and administration ran smoothly. In addition, Katy was one of three Committee Members that helped fill in the vacant Registrar position, co-organising registration day, registrations, patches and selling uniforms. She also organised the promotional stall at the Glen Shopping Centre to showcase WLAC to the general public. Katy also formed part of the early set up crew, attended the LAVic AGM (conference), became a Level C walk judge, walk judged, helped at Region & State Events and assisted with school bookings.

Katy continued in her role as Secretary during the 2016/17 season, as well as taking on all the small jobs behind the scenes that no one else wanted to do. Katy took over managing the school bookings, organised the Centres new defibrillator through a state government initiative, attended the new Child Safe Standards seminars which was a requirement by law, continued to help at Region & State events, took on relay coaching, assisted the Registrar and all other Committee Members, organising marketing & sponsorship, end of season trophies, yearly handbook and the promo board on Springvale Road.

From 2017/18 (until current), Katy took over as Results Manager, holding two Committee Positions concurrently. This role involves printing and organise weekly recording sheets, inputting hand written results, monitoring PB’s, standards and records, generating PB icy pole lists and certificates and uploading results to ResultsHQ.  She also took over as our; Team Manager at all Region & State events, organising relay teams, athletes and duties for our parents at each championship event; Cross Country Manager, liaising with Knox, organising our athletes weekly and the end of season trophies; organising and hosting school athletics bookings on at our Centre. In addition, Katy has managed; the administration of the Centre, liaising with schools, liaising with the Monash Council and our senior club, keeping up with our Incorporation requirements, walk judging, early set up and packing up, opening and closing the car park gates and setting up the A frames each week at Little Athletics, assisting/co-managing the Registrar inside on a Saturday at the administration table, organised the production of and selling of uniforms, sponsorship and marketing, Centre trophies and certificates, updating and organising the Centre booklet, assisting the Treasurer with banking and finance requirements, Canteen Managing (purchasing of stock, running Canteen), Centre flyers and promotions within schools and shopping Centres, managed our registration information day, attended weekly coaching sessions and liaised with coaches, attended SMR delegates meetings, helped keep our website and Facebook up to date with regular posts and photos, organising our AGM paperwork, organised Bunnings BBQ fundraiser and community table, organising and updating our noticeboards and promotional materials, assisted in organising Presentation Day/Night and helping set up and pack up at the event, setting up lost property, bananas, blue bibs & sign in sheets on Saturdays… you name it, Katy has helped do it!

During our 50th anniversary season, Katy organised the production of our commemorative key rings and most of the events for on the day. It was a fantastic day to be a part of and for that, we thank her for leading the charge.

Sponsorship and Marketing has been the Centres downfall since 2018/19 but Katy has worked hard, along with others, to ensure that our existing sponsors stay on board and trying to source new sponsors. Katy has also organised the Centres flyers, contacting schools for marketing and is an administrator on our Facebook page, regularly updating posts and uploading pictures trying to promote the Centre.

We also need to extend a big thank you to Peter for his contribution as one of our First Aid officers and the Cooke children, Sarah, Emma and Luke, for helping set up, pack up and assisting in the canteen each week.

Katy has well and truly gone above and beyond that required of a regular volunteer and in such a short space if time, a very worthy recipient of Life Membership at the Waverley Little Athletics Centre Inc.

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