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Merryn Ashcroft

Merryn Ashcroft is a Life Member and Past Committee Member of the Waverley Little Athletics Centre Inc. She has been involved at the Centre for 16 years and is one of the longest volunteers in the history of our Centre, with her eldest son currently in the U14 age group completing his tenth year.

Over the years, Merryn has always volunteered out on the track filling many roles, predominantly as an Age Group Leader, but also filled other roles which include; timekeeping, starting, event management, WLAC Open Day official,  running on track and coaching. Her passion is to ensure the children (and parents) get through the weekly program in a fun and timely manner, along with teaching everyone the skills required to do Little Athletics. Behind the scenes, Merryn has always assisted the Committee by providing feedback and ideas on the programs, training parents as age group or event helpers, running various field events, setting up and assisting during Presentation Day/Night, packing up at the end of the weekly program and being an all-round valuable asset.

As each of her children started at the Centre, Merryn took on the roles of U6, U7 & U8 Age Group Leader to ensure they progressed through their early years. Since 2017, she has assisted in looking after the SS Age Group to ensure the older children are participating and behaving!

There was a brief period of time when Merryn shifted her skills to an off the track position, assisting with Results Input when her two boys were too young for Little Athletics. Merryn also assisted Tammy Stephens, President as the time, in making changes to our weekly program to make the events run more efficiently.

In recent years, Merryn has assisted with organising relay teams, coached relay teams and helped as a general or key official at region and state events. In 2016/17, Merryn’s weekly role was to assist the Centre Mentor by getting around to each age group and provide coaching for the parents and athletes. After years of trying to convince her, Merryn finally joined the Committee in 2017/18 taking over as Centre Mentor. As part of this role, Merryn (and Caitlin) is responsible for recruiting and training new parents from the start of the season as Age Group Leaders and assistants, teaching them how to run their age groups, run the different field events, use the hand timers and get through the program efficiently. Her knowledge and experience has been irreplaceable and benefited those that have met her.

In 2017/18, Merryn sourced David Thomson, a young and experienced coach for our Centre.

Outside the Centre, Merryn is a very passionate school P.E teacher has been a very valuable advocate in promoting and marketing Little Athletics to her students and families. In 2013, Merryn re-organised the Mt. Waverley Primary School athletics event, which she ran at our track for 3 years before moving schools. From 2016 until current, Merryn also re-organised and ran the Mt. View Primary School athletics event at our track, running 3x events each season, bringing 1000 children from the school down to Waverley and exposing them to Little Athletics. In 2018/19, Mt. View PS topped the registration charts for the second year in a row with 18 members in total, 7 new members, with 3 out of 4 come & try’s converting to full members. Merryn was also the District/Division Coordinator for the Monash District, part of Vic School Sport Association, not just for Little Athletics but covering all sports.

Merryn has well and truly exceeded 10 years of outstanding service, in recent years going above and beyond that of a volunteer, is a well-respected member of our Centre and is a very worthy recipient of Life Membership at the Waverley Little Athletics Centre Inc.

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