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Lindsay Harrison

Lindsay Harrison is a Life Member, Past President and Past Athlete of the Waverley Little Athletics Centre Inc. He was the 23rd and 27th Centre President, serving three years across two separate terms. Lindsay is also a recipient of the LAVic Meritorious Service Award.

27th Centre President
In office
2011 - 2012

Vice President Lindsay Thomas
Preceded by Tammy Stephens
Succeeded by Dylan Cooper

23rd Centre President
In office
2005 - 2007

Vice President Vacant
Preceded by Steven Lopes
Succeeded by Christine Marr

He is no longer involved at the Centre, but Lindsay was involved for a total of 14 years across various Key Official, Coaching and Committee Positions, including Region and State service.

During the late 1970’s, Lindsay competed at Waverley in U11 and U12, plus one year of seniors (U13 back then) at the Waverley Amateur Athletics Club. He also represented Australia in Sailing (Catamarans) and was a member of the "Vic Squad" with ambitions to go to the Olympics, unfortunately this did not eventuate. Another passion of Lindsay’s is "fast cars", he has built many for drag, circuit and shows with great success with his Torana SS Hatchback and also, being involved with V8 Supercars with 6 visits to Bathurst as a team member. His family has always been supportive of his involvement and efforts to coach and develop junior talent, always looking to develop further skills and experiences that he can learn from and continue to share in his role as a Coach. A quote from Lindsay, “Looking ahead, I am extremely passionate, enthusiastic and committed to assisting each member of our FF Team to reach their potential, improve skills & fitness, share the ups and downs of competing with each squad member and their families ...... and have some fun along the way. “The best is yet to be”!!!”

Lindsay’s three children participated in Little Athletics at Waverley, with his eldest son joining the Centre in the Olympic Year of 2000, after the 2000 Olympic Torch made its way to Central Reserve. In the following years both of Lindsay’s daughters joined the Centre as soon as they were old enough.

Due to work commitments, Lindsay didn’t commit himself to a Key Official or Committee Position prior to the 2003/04 season, but he did help out when and wherever possible. Showing an interest in coaching, Lindsay completed the Level 0 Coaching Course in 2001.

Lindsay’s first official roles, starting in 2003/04, were: Relay Coaching, High Jump Coaching and High Jump Manager. This was the start of a passionate Coaching and Officiating career that took Lindsay to Region and Association levels. By the end of this season, Lindsay indicated that he would like to take over as Website Manager.

As soon as Lindsay was elected onto the 2004/05 Committee as Coaching Coordinator, he made a significant impact. He also took over as Website Manager and started adding and improving the content on the WLAC website. Lindsay took on various responsibilities, including: organising LAPS, uniforms and shorts, sending weekly results to the Waverley newspapers, organising athletes to participate in the Southern Health Care Fun Run, organising notices for the noticeboards each week and was the co-leader on the Inaugural Waverley Open Day Sub-Committee, he also put together the “Inaugural Open Day” memorabilia photo frame that hangs in our Clubroom. Lindsay investigated the possibilities of athletes running up age groups and if/how records could be broken and counted. He spent time researching other Centres and VLAA policies on this topic. Lindsay also worked with others on a submission to VIC ROADS for a “Keep Clear” marking on the Springvale Road car park entry and exit. This was unfortunately unsuccessful, even with the backing of the Monash Council. As Coaching Coordinator, Lindsay led a Sub-Committee consisting of the Centres Coaches for the season.

Lindsay took over as President and led the 2005/06 Committee to a successful season. As President, you naturally have a significant amount of responsibility to manage, but he put in a lot of hard work and a large number of tasks were completed. Straight away, Lindsay was instrumental in the NARS implementation and upgrades to ensure it was ready to use by October 2005. Lindsay designed bumper stickers for your car and a new WLAC checked competition uniform, including a crop top. 3 core responsibilities that Lindsay assisted with were; helping on Saturday morning’s early set up at 7am each week, helping the Arena Manager to make changes to and setting up the competition programs and helping the Championship Team Manager organising the various tasks involved preparing for Region and State Championships. Lindsay attended a few meetings with the Monash Council, working on various issues such as: the Springvale Road Keep Clear, Shot Put Scoria, Proposal for a permanent High Jump Shed and a Proposal for new Discus Cages. More work that Lindsay did was; sending the weekly email to our membership, assisting with Open Day preparations, putting forth a motion to purchase a new set of timing gates for the 6 lane circular track (which was successful), organised that Centre pays for Relay entries from the following season, organised new a-boards to place out on the main roads and organised clubroom cleaners. He continued in efforts to mend the gap between Little Athletics and Seniors by having a senior representative attend our competition each week. One of the main focus areas was to review and implement a new points system. Lindsay had a lot of involvement and input in the structure and proposal, which was successful.

From Geoff Gray – WLAC Treasurer (2005/08, 2011/12) & Life Member
Well, there were gold, silver, bronze, red, green standards that were published in the booklets and these were assigned I think 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 points. At one point, you would get say; 5 points every time you threw a gold level discus throw.

Lindsay changed this around saying that this system favoured the better athletes at a gold standard who would get maximum points all the time, even though it might not have been a great performance (by their standards)

So he changed to a new system where you only received the 'standard' points once per event per season, and you got extra points for a PB, so the lesser athletes who continue to improve each week could challenge for the trophies. 

Lindsay also featured in Vic Health “Success Story” in February 2006 – helping to promote Waverley Little Athletics Centre.

Lindsay continued as President and took over as Coaching Coordinator again for the 2006/07 season. He created a new bumper sticker design, send the weekly emails to the membership, assisted weekly with the early set up at 7am, organised a Key Register, assisted with the Waverley Open Day preparations, maintained some of the equipment, organised a pre-season meeting with AGL’s and event managers, found a contact cleaning company to clean the Clubrooms, proposed changes to the Trophy systems and met with the Monash Council a number of times in relation to the High Jump Shed and Shot Put Scoria proposals. He also spent time dealing with coaching issues and Senior Club issues.

After stepping down as President, Lindsay remained on the 2007/08 Committee as Coaching Coordinator, continuing to support the overall running of the Centre. He also took over as the Waverley Open Day Coordinator. Lindsay was looking into purchasing new Centre tents, continued with the new centre uniform design, maintained the Centre Booklet and organised the purchase of new Walk Bibs with the help from a new sponsor. Lindsay continued to chase up the Monash Council on various project and maintenance items and he was looking in to the possibility of online printing of athlete result stickers. When ALAC was being held at Nunawading in Victoria, Centres were asked to host another State. WLAC offered to host a State and Lindsay managed the hosting of Western Australia for ALAC 2008.

Lindsay instigated the 2008/09 WLAC constitutional change from the team’s format to a unified Centre. Just like the 1988/89 Committee saw fit, the changes needed to be made. It was identified that the teams were inconsistently balanced, as well as trophies and the administration workload. He put together a proposal that he took to the Committee, who agreed in favour of the change. This meant the elimination of teams, team uniforms and colours and the administration workload was cut down significantly. In his final year as Coaching Coordinator, Lindsay worked with the Seniors for coaches WWC details (as this was a new requirement), he worked on NARS to explore details on duty listings and the introduction of barcode scanning. He also presented lots of membership ideas, presented a wish list, looked at the possibility of electronic guns, continued to look at strengthening ties between Little Athletics and the Seniors by creating a “transition document, sending bulk emails and letters to members on behalf of the President, the purchases of equipment, researching publicity items such as a billboard on Springvale Road, writing weekly newsletters and organising a design and purchasing a new Centre Flag to be used on competition days and at Championship events.  Lindsay continued to provide his help with changes to the competition programs; he coordinated the Waverley entries into the Box Hill Relay Open Day, created new artwork for Altegra tents, organised an animal farm for presentation day and helped with end of year Trophies.

Lindsay continued to add articles and upload newsletters to the website during 2009/10. He purchased the new Bluetooth equipment for the NBS barcode scanning/timing box units, printed LAPS flyers, proposed and purchased the super sopper to help soak up water of wet competition days, was the WLAC host to the VLAA programs ITCC, JDS Coaching Day, Jumps and Throws clinic, organised the registration bags collection, organised a WLAC officials day, organised printing of 6000 flyers for membership, organised the printing of our booklet. Lindsay also continued to put forth his Ideas to run special programs, he formed part of the Standards Review Sub-Committee and the Synthetic Track Sub-Committee (for two seasons) and he organised the end of year trophies and record plaques.

From Mark Cosham – Website and Results Manager & Life Member
The Standards were redone a number of years ago as there were plenty of cases where a Centre Record would only be a Silver standard and it was basically impossible to get Gold. In some events it was really easy to get Gold and other events had basically nobody going above a Bronze.

We redid them based on our own actual results taken from the previous 9 years. This was also when the Orange standard was introduced as there were way too many kids finishing the year with only Green standards.  Roughly, the lowest 10% get green, from 10% to 25% get orange, and from 25% to 50% get red. Bronze starts at 50%.  Silver and Gold were either based on percentages (for field events) or on the records (track events).  The aim was that there would always be a standard in reach for an athlete for each event.

2010/11 was a very busy season for WLAC due to the Monash Councils decision to re-seed the Waverley Athletics Track. The Committee worked very hard on alternative options, including shifting to the football ovals. This was not appropriate, therefore Waverley joined in with Springvale in January 2011. Lindsay was a General Committee Member, he was responsible for attracting Barker & Barker Media as the Major Sponsor of WLAC (Barker & Barker Media is a printing business and they printed our booklets and certificates, free of charge) but before the big move came close, he was busy leading a Sub-Committee to prepare for and run the Waverley Open Day. Lindsay was also busy behind the scenes, he proposed a design for new hipster short, and that was knocked back. He ordered our uniform stock, organised the printing of flyers for distribution, helped with the Centre Booklet development with Geoff Gray and organised its printing, organised with Geoff Gray the new PA speakers for inside the Clubroom that made a dream of hearing announcements inside come to reality, the replacement of an old speaker on the roof and the purchase of more training equipment. Lindsay had a significant input in policy developments, in particular the Coaching Policy. At the end of the season, he assisted in the organising of trophies with Geoff Gray.

From Tammy Stephens – WLAC President 2010/11
Lindsay Harrison, General committee, Open Day co-ordinator, coach, Life Member has always put Little Aths and the kids first. Even though we have had a few issues to iron out this year I assure you his commitment to the centre should be recognised by all members (this is why we work hard to find common ground). Keep up the great work, listen to others and communicate effectively. Thanks Lindsay.

Lindsay took over as President for the 2011/12 when no one else wanted to do it. He did this with great enthusiasm, having been President for two years, sometime earlier. But Lindsay and the Committee inherited a large issue that was the on-going track re-seeding. Lindsay met with the Monash Council regarding the track and subsequently lane one issues throughout the season. A lot of issues were discussed and resolved, including the use of the track and line marking process for the start of our season. Lindsay proposed the change of the Centre name to Little Athletics Waverley, to align with Little Athletics Victoria, developed the new Centre logo, organised a new aboard, purchased 2 new sets of timing gates that cut down the set up time significantly, updated the Honour Boards, organised the weekly sausage/BBQ orders, worked hard on Sponsorship and had a tablet (iPad type of device) donated by Officeworks, managed the instillation of our PA system equipment draw, organised the printing and laminating of programs for noticeboards, ordered medals for the Waverley Games Day, purchased uniform stock, investigated and purchased a second hand portable discus cage, managed the installation of new pennant racks, created a suggestions/ideas list, liaised and promoted the Active After Schools Coaching program, organised Relay Coaches, submitting Council facility development project applications, updating the parents charter documents, organising the materials for the notice boards and, as President, put together the season calendar. Lindsay worked extremely hard with the new Arena Manager to improve and develop the competition programs, duty sign in sheets and listings, recruitment of Key Officials, chasing up parents who haven’t done duty and teaching the Arena Manager his role. He also proposed updated to the Record Policy and created a record form process, one for track events, and one for field events, for signing off by the various officials involved. Lindsay organised and ran a few tutorial sessions for new parents during the early weeks of season. This was very successful in recruiting parents to volunteer for various duties. He also organised to present vouchers to various Key Officials and for those who took advantage of the early bird registrations. The Committee made a decision based on Lindsay’s idea of a time penalty instead of disqualification in the Walk events. This was a controversial decision resulting in our walk judges stepping away. So Lindsay recruited some new Walk Judges after this change in structure and managed the event. Lindsay also custom built new shot put trolley that can house up to 150kg of shot puts on four wheels, where the shot puts sat inside their designated hole. Lindsay also had a successful idea of replacing the Turbo Javelin with the Vortex event; this was and still is very successful. While Lindsay was the President, he was also managing the responsibilities of the Secretary as this position was vacant for the whole season. For most of the season, he set the Agenda’s, taken the Minutes and handled the Correspondence. Lindsay also held various discussions regarding running “High Performance Races” for those athletes going to Championship events.

After stepped down as President, Lindsay took on an “old favourite” for 2012/13, High Jump Manager. He supported the new President (Dylan Cooper – who was only 19 years old) from behind the scenes. He regularly filled in as the Sprint Track Timekeeper or Recording Manager when needed. He also spent several Saturday mornings coaching hurdles and block starts. He continued as High Jump Manager into the 2013/14 season as well as coaching during program. Lindsay’s help was invaluable with supplying advice and information for the Waverley Open Day registration portal. He also provided advice on the various tasks needed to run Open Day.

Relays, Jumps and Hurdles were Lindsay’s passion for Coaching. He coached Relays for 9 years, High Jump (and Long/Triple Jump) for 11 years and Hurdles for 6 years. He was also the Jumps coach at one point with Athletics Waverley (Senior Club). Lindsay began coaching as early as 2003/04, coaching Relays and High Jump. He eventually went on to coach Race Walking and Hurdles. He held coaching sessions on Monday or Wednesday evenings, Sunday High Jump & Hurdles and Relays when required on Saturdays or during the week. Lindsay also held various coaching sessions during the Saturday morning programs for 9 years, including Hurdles, Jumps and Blocks Coaching. He also organise various coaches during his tenure. He started a specialist squad coaching group that ran through Waverley from 2009/14. This main focus was on high performance athletes and specialist skills. Lindsay always checked the weekly results of his athletes and looked for athletes who may have qualified for the JDS squad. If there were ever any incorrect results, he would make sure they are fixed up. Lindsay also heavily promoted JDS (LAVic Junior Development Squad) to Waverley athletes, to offer them additional group coaching opportunities.

Waverley Open Day
Lindsay, along with John Nielsen, was the co-leader of our Inaugural Sub-Committee and was responsible for organising the Waverley Open Day in 2004. This involved many dedicated hours of preparation meetings, setting up the registration system, the excel spread sheet for recording the days results, Key and General Officials, competition Program, printing of Certificates and much more. In 2007/08, Lindsay took over as Open Day Coordinator and almost single handily, organised and ran the Open Day (with assistance from various Committee Members of course!). Lindsay ensured the Centre held an Open Day each season; he is the reason why the Open Day continued. The last Open Day that Lindsay Coordinated was in the 2010/11 season, which proved to be the most difficult due to the Council’s workers going on strike and not mowing any of the grounds, and their decision to re-seed our Athletics Track. Although these challenges were in front of us, the Open Day was a great success. He would spend most of the Saturday prior to the Open Day setting up the venue with the assistance of the Committee and various parent helpers. This included setting up the additional tents required, bunting, presentation area and the food/catering. Other jobs involved in organising such an event were; booking a Jumping Castle, booking a Rock Wall climb, face painting flyer creating, printing & distribution, ordering medals, updating the recording spread sheets and collating registrations. The Waverley Open Day did no proceed in the 2011/12 or 2012/13 seasons, due to the condition of the Waverley Athletics Track, but when the Open Day was re-introduced in 2013/14, Lindsay offered his full guidance and advice to the President and Committee in organising the event.

From Steven Lopes – WLAC President 2004/05
During November we conducted the Inaugural Waverley Open Day which turned out to be a most successful day. The weather was perfect with over 300 athletes representing over 30 Victorian Centres attending. Not forgetting the green Moose. Everyone had a great time and the feedback was fantastic. The organising committee predominantly made up of John Nielsen, Lindsay Harrison, Dave Bullen and Terry White put hours and hours of hard work in getting the day organised. An absolute fabulous effort from what started as a wild idea during one of last year’s cross country meetings. Hopefully this day continues to be a permanent part of our regular season calendar.

NARS (Network Athletics Result System) and Website Manager
Ian Morrison (former WLAC Computer Manager) created NARS in late 2004, early 2005. He saw a need to make a change to advance the Centres recording and results system. This was proposed to the WLAC Committee who agreed to use NARS in 2005/06. Lindsay took NARS on board and significantly helped with its development and improvements. As such, NARS was rolled out to a large number of LAVic Centres over the following years. Lindsay was responsible for implementing the barcoding recording system that became known as NBS (Network Barcoding System), to eliminate paper recording at the end of the lane track events. Both Ian and Lindsay attended the 2009 Centrefest in Ballarat as presenters of the NARS/NBS forum, to further promote the recording system and its abilities.

From Mark Cosham – WLAC Website and Results Manager & Life Member
Ian and Lindsay set up the system. Lindsay also presented it to other Centres. He pushed Ian to keep improving it, including the shift from a results system to the barcoding recording. From the Centre’s point of view, if he hadn’t pushed it, then we wouldn’t have gotten as far as we did.

As Website Manager, Lindsay also set up the initial website Honour Board and introduced a Hall of Fame listing. This enabled the Centre to honour our Life Members, Past Presidents and exceptional athletes. This concept has remained in place and was taken a few steps further by our current Website Manager.

Points System and Trophies
Lindsay had a lot of involvement in the points system we used and how trophies were allocated to athletes at the end of each season. Lindsay changed this around saying that this system favoured the better athletes at a gold standard who would get maximum points all the time, even though it might not have been a great performance (by their standards). So he changed to a new system where you only received the 'standard' points once per event per season, and you got extra points for a PB, so the lesser athletes who continue to improve each week could challenge for the trophies.

Over the years, a number of changes occurred to the structure of allocating trophies, from including discipline trophies to eliminating teams and team trophies. Lindsay had a lot of involvement in these various discussions and decisions and created a number of spreadsheets and provided lots of information.

Region and State Key Official
Due to Lindsay’s involvement and passion for Little Athletics, he volunteered as a High Jump Chief at Region Track & Field for 8 years and volunteered as a Chief at State Track & Field for 2 years, prior to joining the LAVic Education Committee. This meant Lindsay could not Chief anymore at States as his JDS and ALAC Selector Commitments took up his time at the State Championship event.

Lindsay was responsible for a number of significant equipment upgrades at Waverley, in particular the following items.
In 2005/06, he designed and constructed the following:

For a number of years, the various Past Committees “dreamed” of having a High Jump Shed where the High Jump mats could permanently be stored to provide more room in our Equipment Shed and to cut down on the set up time and effort of the High Jump area. This dream turned into a reality because of Lindsay’s lead. Lindsay designed and manufactured the entire structure, with the huge amount of work done behind the scenes from Darrin Stephens (documentation and engineering analysis work), Rodger Head (for use of his business factory for construction), Paul Roberts (Monash Council), Neil Garlick (organising materials for use) and all Committee Members for their support. The almost completed structure arrived by truck was completed in the early part of the 2007/08 season at the track!

Competition Uniform
Lindsay designed the Centre’s new (in 2005/06) Competition Uniform, which comprised of a Singlet, T-Shirt and a new Crop Top design, including new Polo T-Shirts for Committee Members. The design itself was a new concept consisting of a red background with black and white checkers. It’s safe to say that Waverley was one of the Centres to implement a new sublimated uniform design and that we really “stood out” at Region and State Championships.

Commonwealth Games
Lindsay looked after the 2 Athletics Warm Up Tracks at Olympic Park and Williamstown for the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games. He organised equipment and whatever the athletes needed or wanted. Lindsay was also lucky enough to have a WLAC singlet signed by various high profile athletes, including Asafa Powell, Brendan Cole and a few more, which hangs proudly on our Clubroom wall.

Line Marking
Lindsay was involved in line marking the athletics track from 2005/12. He would teach the new Arena Managers during the initial line marking session before the season began and would help out during the week if needed. Lindsay created the line marking guidelines that we still use today. The initial line marking process takes about 4-6 hours that was usually spread across 3-4 days. In 2011/12, Lindsay ended up doing most of it in the rain (due to the constant rain we had at the end of September / early October).

Education Committee
From 2006/11, Lindsay was heavily involved in various roles within the LAVic Education Committee. This included being an ITCC presenter (started 2004), JDS Coordinator and Coach, ALAC Team Manager, Selector and Coach.

From Shane Bertrand – LAVic Education Manager
Lindsay contributed many hours on the Education Committee in producing documents to assist the athlete’s development. He was a great contributor and leading force in many programs.

From 2008/09 until the end of 2011/12, Lindsay wrote the weekly newsletters, uploaded them to the website and emailed them to our membership. He made sure to keep it interesting by including pictures of athletes, Committee Members and including a few recipes along the way! The Newsletters were and still are the best method of sharing news to everyone in an interesting format. We still use Lindsay’s template. 

Lindsay has and always will be passionate about Little Athletics. He was on the Committee for 8 years and during those years he continued to improve the Centre and streamline its operations. He, along with Geoff Gray, always picked up and completed the jobs that were usually left behind or that no one else wanted to do, they both always helped with the morning set up and afternoon pack up, usually one of the first to arrive and last to leave. Although not everyone agreed with Lindsay at one time or another on various ideas or issues, everyone worked together to reach the best outcomes for the Centre and Lindsay did so without any fuss at all, he did what had to be done. As President, Lindsay set up the season calendars and created various Registration Day procedures. He helped at most, if not all of our Registration Days during his time on the WLAC Committee providing invaluable support to the Committee and Families.

A number of motions were submitted by Waverley to LAVic for changes to the LAVic Constitution or Competition Regulations, most originating from Lindsay. A couple of these were successful and passed at the AGM. Lindsay also represented Waverley at the LAVic Annual General Meetings and Centrefest weekends.

If it wasn’t for Lindsay, NARS wouldn’t have become the system it was, we wouldn’t have made the change from Teams to the unified Centre and our Centre wouldn’t have had a strong coaching program. Lindsay always put the athletes first before anything else; he was always there for the kids and the membership. This is evident through his extensive work with the JDS and ALAC Coaching squads.

For his outstanding voluntary service to the Waverley Little Athletics Centre, Lindsay was awarded Life Membership in 2008/09.

After being honoured with Life Membership, Lindsay continued for another 3 years on the Committee, including one year again as President. He took over the reins for the 2011/12 season when no one else wanted to do it. He is the second President in our History to have served two non-consecutive terms and is currently one of two Presidents to have served for 3 years.

Lindsay is no longer actively involved at Waverley, but he is a Life Member and keeps in contact with us regularly. In 2014, Lindsay started a new chapter of his life, by moving to the Gold Coast (Queensland). Although he has moved, he still has his passion for Little Athletics and coaching, so Lindsay has been volunteering at the Gold Coast Little Athletics Centre, coaching Hurdles. It’s this sort of passion that our volunteers have that is simply invaluable.

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Lindsay Harrison Life Membership Presentation - 2008/09

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WLAC Life Member Lindsay Harrison
50th Anniversary Celebration

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WLAC Life Members - 2018/19
50th Anniversary Celebration
Bruce Reynolds, Lindsay Harrison, Barry Cole, Mark Baxter, Mal Walker, Russell Weber, Ed Chinery, Daryl Thiele, Mark Cosham, Nicole Mardell (Frank Mardell*), Doug Kerr & Dylan Cooper (President)