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Flashback to 50th Anniversary

News - 2019/2020

Flashback to the Waverley Little Athletics Centre’s 50th Anniversary celebration, 10th November 2018.

Pictured (I need to attach picture) are some of the Centre Life Members that attended; Bruce Reynolds, Lindsay Harrison, Barry Cole, Mark Baxter, Mal Walker, Russell Weber, Ed Chinery, Daryl Thiele, Mark Cosham, Nicole Mardell (representing Frank Mardell {dec}), Doug Kerr and Dylan Cooper. 

As of 2020, the Centre has bestowed 33 Life Memberships to individuals that have given many years of outstanding voluntary service to WLAC at all different levels. Only 2 Life Members have passed away; Frank Mardell in 1992 and Jack Rigby in 2019. We are fortunate however to have a connection to the Mardell family after all these years as Frank’s daughter Nicole and her children are current members of the Centres.

Throughout our history, some of our Life Members were; Centre Presidents, served on the Region Committee, State Committees, one served on the LAVic Board of Management and some never served on the WLAC Committee or any outside Committees at all. A number of Life Members have been recognised for their services from outside the Centre, such as the LAVic association service awards. We are proud to have two LAVic Life Governors from Waverley.

In the 52 years our Centre has operated, there have been thousands of parents and volunteers that have come and gone through the Centre. History shows that most of these people only volunteer for a few years before moving on, but there have also been plenty that volunteered for long periods of time. The Centre has only bestowed 33 Life Memberships during this time and each of our Life Members have or had been active for many years. The first Life Memberships were awarded in 1982/83, meaning most of those that served from the Centre’s formation until 1982, may not have been recognised or honoured for their services, however, some of the former Clubs awarded Club Life Memberships to their volunteers but those details were never retained. For some time now, I’ve been researching and piecing together the history of our Centre and also the service history of our volunteers. Since doing so, I have found information that confirms a number of long serving and/or hard working volunteers may have been overlooked and not recognised of their services to the Centre. And there is a simple reason to explain why; the Centre has never had a central database and previous administrations have not kept records and information together or passed them on from year to year. Although, credit is due to past administrations though as the information is there - it just needs to be researched. My goal is to collate and centralise this information and at least acknowledge those volunteers that have been overlooked, with a thank you.

I have put together a number of interesting statistics that I will share one day.

Check out our Life Members Service history and profiles via the WLAC Honour Board on our website:www.waverleylac.com.au/show-honourboard

Stay safe during the Covid19 period.


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